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 The different units within our clan

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PanzerLiutenant 1st class

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PostSubject: The different units within our clan   Wed Nov 03 2010, 11:08

I was just wondering if it could be listed somewhere who belongs to which unit within our clan...

As far as I know, I belong to the Tank Destroyer Company, since I'm operating a Marder II, but where is that listed? Who is the company commander? All I can see is that I'm a clan member.

Also, I can't find a "battle calender" where time and date for the clan battles are listed. Do these clan battles take place during the weekends and during specific hours, or when do they take place?

I'm gonna dowload the teamspeak software used, Mumler, but which version should I use - there are various versions out there and where can I download it from a safe and secure website?

Cheers, Ambusher

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PostSubject: Re: The different units within our clan   Wed Nov 03 2010, 13:45

Hello Ambusher.

Well the answer to that is that we have a subforum where all information about our different units are listed, for security reasons only our own members can look in them.

The commander of the unit you are an member of is DerStahlJager.

At the moment we do not have any specific dates for battles or training as some of us may be causal, when the game has went out of beta we'll proparbly have a proper calendar only shown to members.

we will appreciate if anyone can help attain an Teamspeak 3 64 byte server, we may get an mumble server but if not we will still have one as well and also ventrilo. should report to DerStahlJager for PanserJägerKompani duty.

i hope this helped you.
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The different units within our clan
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