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 The first clan training session

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PanzerLiutenant 1st class
PanzerLiutenant 1st class

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PostSubject: The first clan training session   Sun Dec 05 2010, 19:15

I just wanted to say that it was very fun to take part in the clan training session and speak with some of you over the internet - hope we can do it some time again later on.

The only bad thing was that it collided with laundry day at home - for me that meant alot of runing between the computer and washer / dryer.

I hope we can do it again later on.

Cheers, Ambusher

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PostSubject: Re: The first clan training session   Tue Dec 07 2010, 10:59

well that can be easily arranged, and i do not think anyone would have any complaints about it.

we should have specific days we train on and decide for how long.

for now we will have training on saturdays and the duration for the training sessions must be no less than 1 hour long.

we must work on communications, discipline, organisation, tactics, strategies, deployment of battleplans, formations, military geography
, ballistics, intelligence gathering and more.

this coming saturday i can not be present because i will still be at the school dormitory.

but i will be in reach the next saturday after that.

oh btw to inform you Luke is now in the reserves since he says he can unfortunately not play with us.
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The first clan training session
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