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 Organization afther the server split

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PostSubject: Organization afther the server split   Thu Jan 20 2011, 23:57

Greetings to all, given to the fact that they have finally separate the servers, it is important that all the players who will play in the American server to put their names on this post.

This is in order to organize ourselves in an effective manner, I will be the supreme commander of the entire American continent, so I need that we support each other as soon as possible.

This order comes from the high command, do not ignore it.
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PostSubject: Re: Organization afther the server split   Sat Jan 22 2011, 16:34

that reminds me, have you come up for a name for the american division?.

it will belong to Kampfgruppe Schwarzen Lanze ofcourse.

same rules and orders are in effect in the new division as in the current one.

incase our kampfgruppe grows exceptionally large we may divide the american division according to north and south and maybe eventually to countries.

the 115th will sofar take care of the european theater.

while the new one for the time being is in charge for all of america north south alike and canada.

Rahxephonroh is the commander in that part of the world.

but high command will govern all divisions and units, which will consist of division and special unit commanders.
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Organization afther the server split
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