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 Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC.

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Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. Empty
PostSubject: Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC.   Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. EmptySun Feb 06 2011, 21:14

ok to be frank i am designing weapons for a game and i would simply want to show them to you.

this does not mean that i will in any way quit playing WoT.

i will tell about some weapons that will be used by germany and other factions in the future and in a new game

but this is actually just a tiny part of it.

and here are the first ones, which i made myself.

SturmKarabiner 210 Aus 1
Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. SturmKarabiner%20210A1

Carbine version of the SturmGewehr Zwei houndred und zehn Ausfuhrung Ein used in the Neue Deutsche ReichWehrmacht and by the new faction (STK 210 Aus 1)

SturmGewehr 210 Aus 1
Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. SturmGewehr%20210%20Aus%201

the new assault rifle for the reformed Neue Deutsches ReichWehrmacht also used by the new faction The SturmGewher Zwei houndred und zehn Ausfuhrung Ein is like it's Carbine Version Based on old reliable german weapons technology and fused with new and more powerfull one and being the result of this breeding has resulted in this powerfull Weapon. like it's Carbine Version it uses a 90 round clip wich uses the fully reworked 7.92mm round with an short but very potent and powerfull catridge wich holds greater power of up to 10 times of it's normal sized *57mm catridges had now downsized to *37mm wich is the reason why the magazine now can hold such an large amount of ammunition. the Neue Deutsche VolksReich may have an Kaiser but is not unlike an Democracy in that if the current Kaiser is not performing his appointed duties a new Kaiser from the Common People can be elected. this weapon family may not be the most cheapest made but it was drawn and created for being able to respond to true threats and solve a very sound unexpected and obvious problems. having a weapon that will handle as one and do it's job to it's fullest capabilities. an DEMR(Designated Expert Marksman Rifle) and LSSAW(Light Squad Support Automatic Weapon) version is also soon being displayed.

*if you think the measurments is for calibre then let me clarify, it is the length of the bullet catridge or Casing.

Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. LRSR%20MK7
or Long Range Sniper Rifle- Mark 7
the latest of the series using the 13.5mm rounds it is a rare sight, only used by the best of snipers, though it may not be the most powerful it's unmatched Accuracy, extreme long range and several tools plus improvements over the original design has made it consideredably the best sniper rifle by statments of renowned snipers.

it is intended to be used on long ranges

it is not to be seen as a anti material rifle simply because it was not originally designed as such, however it has gained a reputation to be quite potent as one.
it was designed to be able to pierce through tough body armor and head armor, in this future wher this rifle is in there is far more effective body armor than even Dragonskin as by this time nobody even uses this Primitive protection one might say. Even the hostiles, rebels and militias used body armor better than that.

however it functions quite well for taking out some few vehicles and other enemy equipment, and it is not uncommon for snipers issued with it to be aiming for heavy units weak spots to reduce their combat effectiveness.

length is 1.9m (2.2m with bayonet included), it is not intended for urban combat(atleast not smaller than medium sized cities).

catridge capacity for the magazine is 50 rounds but can be 60 thanks to a small storage unit in the rifle.

Range unknown

Muzzle Velocity classified but has been reported to be atleast 65.489 kilometers per hour (almost instantanious)

bayonet is part of the unique recoil absorbtion system and can be used in CQB if necessary though not recommended due to the bulky design.

calibre 13.5mm

firing modes, bolt action (most used), semi auto for medium and relatively range engagements, full auto 350rpm for medium and close encounters.

bolt action is used mostly, to cause the least amount of wear on the weapon and to fully exploit the propellant in the catridge.

PanzerAbwehrBüchse dreißig (PAB-30)
Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. ATR-30

30mm Anti Tank Rifle commonly used against Main Battle and Heavy Battle Tanks, it is a single shot reloadable weapon.
the catridge chamber is fully adaptable to whatever catridge is used as long as the shell is of the same calibre as the weapon itself.

it achieves penetration due to immense projectile velocity and projectile energy and due to the velocity the effects of ceramic and reactive armor.

reloaded by the back( like a cannon) it can be transported by one man and it is common to see 2 man teams, 1 who operates and carries it 1 who spots through weapon scope, binoculars and loads it.

the weapon has two scopes, one for the gunner and another used by the spotter/loader, however both scopes are interchangable so the gunner can use the high powered scope on the right whilst still using the much smaller scope due to an technological ingenuity.

it's extemely low ammunition and maintenaince costs, reliability, power and precision makes it more favoured than current missile or rocket based anti tank systems, due to the fact that the projectile from this weapon nullify the protection from any vehicles software or hardware alike.

to achieve the best accuracy over long ranges the barrel is riffled 4 times.

PanzerAbwehrBüchse fünfzehn (PAB-15)
Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. ATR-15
commonly used agaisnt anything but the heaviest armored Vehicles

CS-7 10x55mm
Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. CV-7%2010x50mm%20Pistol
a familiar sight in the Russian Federation Forces wich has spread to other countries due to it's Durability, good Stopping Power and Projectile Velocity, good accuracy, Large Magazine Clip and ease to use and cheaply mass produced.

as seen it is strongly influenced by the AK series in pistol form however it has also gained influence from low recoil guns.

recoil is surprisingly low.

clip is 46 rounds
modes: semi/burst 3r/ full auto adjustable rate of fire

accurate up to 200m

Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. XS-7%20SAW
main stay heavy machinegun using the 13.5mm rounds, currently being phased as a vehicle mounted weapon in favor of the more powerful KLB-15 15mm heavy machinegun

ammo capacity is 100-250 box or 1200 belt.

accurate up to 800m maximum for ironsights though 650m is the limit for top accuracy.
with scope 1.4km maximum
Muzzle Velocity -Classified- and unknown but believed to be atleast 5000 kilometers per hour

rate of fire adjustable up to 1050rpm (factory set to 900) but put on 550 for ammunition and accuracy reasons.

targeting system

iron sights of western design, during night they light up.

scope Zeiss M904C1 6x43 magnifying digital nano scope (also provides night vision among other visions)

Infrared Night Vision Acog for nocturnal engagements

KLM-65 Assault rifle
Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. Rebel%20Assault%20Rifle
an assault rifle used by Rebels/hostiles in TC and Game

it is nicknamed the poor mans AR and beggars gun however is quite durable and is very easy to learn,rugged design and quite powerful.
cheaply mass produced and used by rebels, terrorists, some militias and poor armies.

the magasine can hold 40 rounds

the calibre is unknown but believed to be 7.62mm

Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. Assault%20Rifle%20MK1
Used by Covert Intelligience Forces

dual assault rifle system

thanks to new technology and manufacture methods this dual weapon system weighs the same as a normal assault rifle.

catridge capacity 180 7.5mm

it is to be noted that this weapon is rare.

Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC. STG44%20attempt
outdated military rifle of the Neue Deutsche Wehrmacht however still being used by the Polizei(police), MilitärPolizei(military police) and local miliz (militia) forces

please tell me what you think and rate me as well if you want.
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Weapon Designs and other for a game and TC.
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