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 Important must read!

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Important must read! Empty
PostSubject: Important must read!   Important must read! EmptyFri Oct 15 2010, 17:41

Important must read! Black_12

Thank you for joining our division or making your alliance with us.

If you have not done so please pm any of the officers or me and we will help you.

We strife for becoming the best Force in Europe with the help of good friends such as the Toga.

We encourage/promote good behaviour to one and another amongst ourselves and outside.

When you've joined the clan or plan to join, you should add all exsisting members to your friendslist ingame.

Remember not to do anything that the majority finds offending or behave improper.

Punishments for breaking of rules will depend on the severity of each case (rules will be set up in a separate topic here).

What you read at our posters in this section is pretty much what rules and guidelines you should follow.
Ps the Different pictures correspond to a specific path or action, you'll figure them out eventually.

please make use of the Live chat found here once you've become an member, it's a free and fast way to stay in touch with your fellow Tankcomrades.

On October the 16th 2010 TOGA and 115th was on the verge of entering an Alliance!

The Gallery Section is to show epic moments when playing, so please do not post anything not related to tanks or WoT.

Thank you for your cooperation and for taking the time reading this.

Ps Members who join the Black Lance before Post Beta will also gain Diamond member status as a sign of being the first of the crew who started our unit.

As the current leader the times i can play with you is at the moment limited to normally 2 times per month on weekends, except for normal holidays and other leaves-
- i am available during those times.

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Important must read!
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